This page is here for me to keep track of the goals I set myself at the start of the calendar years and help me track my annual progress.


These were my PBs at the end of 2013. I set no targets at the start of the year as it was my first “proper” year running.

5k: 25:32 – Basingstoke parkrun
10k: 51:57 – Weston Christmas Cracker
Half: 1:59:51 – Cardiff


5k: Target: 22:59, Achieved 20:46 (Yeovilton), Improvement: 4:45
10k: Target: 47:59, Achieved 42:44 (Weston Christmas Cracker), Improvement: 9:41
10m: Target: 1:19:59, Achieved 1:10:28 (Great South Run), Improvement: N/A
Half: Target: 1:54:59, Achieved 1:35:57 (Bristol), Improvement: 23:02
Marathon: Target: 3:59:59, Achieved 3:59:12 (Paris), Improvement: N/A


5k: Target: 18:59
10k: Target: 39:59
10m: Target: 1:07:59
Half: Target: 1:28:59
Marathon: Target: 3:19:59, Achieved 3:20:32 (Manchester), Improvement: 39:20


So, these are life long goals I’d like to achieve. No doubt if I ever reach these dizzy heights I may want to revise these further, but for the time being these are just within the realms of achievable. Fast enough to be a stretch, but not fast enough to make me think I’ll never achieve them.

They are all based around my main goal of a sub-60 10m time. I remember reading somewhere that a sub-60 10m is the mark of a good runner across multiple disciplines. I’m not sure why, but it has stuck with me.

5k: Target: 16:59
10k: Target: 34:59
10m: Target: 59:59
Half: Target: 1:19:59
Marathon: Target: 2:59:59

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